PowderBuddy - Our Vision

PowderBuddy is your flying safety beacon for powderous adventures. PowderBuddy keeps you safe by enabling your companions to find you immediately in case you are buried by an avalanche. The system is straightforward: in case of an avalanche you pull a trigger like you would with an avalanche airbag. PowderBuddy is shot out of its tube, unfolds and tracks your beacon in a safe distance to the avalanche surface. PowderBuddy still follows you if you are buried and hovers over your location when the snow comes to a rest. With its signal colors your companions can spot PowderBuddy immediately. This enables them to skip the lengthy search with their beacons and they can help in no time.

Icarus - The Current Prototype

Icarus is the current prototype and is going to be PowderBuddy's grandfather. Icarus is our proof of concept. It demonstrates the main features of PowderBuddy: foldability, autonomous starting capability and follow-me characteristic which suits skiers and snowboarders (i.e.: it can fly at high altitudes and reaches a competitive velocity). As PowderBuddy is meant to be a safety product we plan to test the technology thoroughly and one step at a time.

Icarus is the headliner in our upcoming test campaign. Beginning in February 2018 we will deliver 25 prototypes to various test consumers to gather feedback from more advanced skiers and snowboarders than we are ourselves. It is the real test of the fascinating underlying technology.

PowderBuddy - Features

During the development and with much appreciated feedback from the community PowderBuddy shapes up to be a cleverly devised product, made by wintersport-lovers for wintersport-lovers:

  • Possibility to couple with an avalanche airbag: the airbag keeps you afloat, but if it fails against all odds: PowderBuddy is there for you, triggered by the very same pull
  • Easy to integrate in backpacks: PowderBuddy's interface is designed to need very little adjustments by backpack manufacturers. And furthermore we plan to focus on developing an integration possibility for any backpack which has spare surface on its sides
  • Compatible to any avalanche beacon
  • Form and weight factor of just another thermos flask of tea. And enough space for evolution in mind: reducing weight and size is a top priority for our upcoming prototype development
  • Instant re-usability. You can use it without afterthought: pull the trigger on the slightest eerie feeling. PowderBuddy will do its job. And in the case of an false alarm you just put it back in its shell, ready for another go. The batteries can be charged within the next half-hour break in the lodge or in case of long adventures you just change the batteries.
  • Designed to withstand low temperatures, the odd blow on its shell from unwary skiing poles (or the unlikely case of you falling on it) and it is not easily impressed by wind and weather
  • High visibility on rocky, snowy, cloudy or bluebirdy background