PowderBee - Your Avalanche Rescue Drone

An avalanche burying is among the most scary scenarios for any winter athlete. A total burying means complete sensory deprivation, helplessness and often enough breath for only several minutes. The only reliable help for buried persons lies in their companions on site. They are challenged with the task to locate and recover the victim as fast as possible. This is where Bluebird Mountain comes into play with PowderBee.

PowderBee is an avalanche rescue drone for skiers, snowboarders and really anybody who stays or moves in avalanche endangered areas. PowderBee is small, light-weight and easily fits into a skier‘s backpack. In an emergency it is ready in seconds and started with the simple push on a button. Then PowderBee starts the coarse search for the avalanche transceiver signal of the victim. It indicates the victim's location by landing near the victim. From there the manual fine search continues and successful rescue is closer than ever.

The technology is easy to use, specifically developed for its alpine purpose and reliable. The use of the well-proven standard of avalanche transceivers guarantees compatibility to any device on the market.

Bluebird Mountain's mission statement: "Find and Rescue!" instead of "Search and Rescue(?)".