PowderBuddy - Personal Avalanche Drone

An avalanche burying is among the most scary scenarios for any winter athlete. A total burying means complete sensory deprivation, helplessness and often enough breath for only several minutes. The only reliable help for buried persons lies in their companions on site. They are challenged with the task to locate and recover the victim as fast as possible. This is where Bluebird Mountain comes into play by developing PowderBuddy.

PowderBuddy is a new avalanche safety product for skiers, snowboarders and anybody who stays or moves in avalanche endangered areas. PowderBuddy is a foldable drone which rests unobtrusively in a tube attached to the backpack. A simple pull on the trigger sets its features in motion: PowderBuddy gets shot out of the shell, unfolds, starts automatically and follows the avalanche beacon of its user in a safe distance to the surface. In case of a burying it hovers above the exact location thus easing the retrieval of the victim.

The technology is easy to use, specifically developed for its alpine purpose and reliable. The use of the well-proven standard of avalanche transceivers guarantees compatibility to any device on the market. The trigger mechanism can be coupled with avalanche airbags and thereby adds another safety dimension to available safety products.

Bluebird Mountain was started by four wintersport enthusiasts who identified the need of easing the procedure of locating avalanche victims. As skiers and snowboarders we know the need and demand of skiers and snowboarders and develop PowderBuddy with its users in mind. PowderBuddy is our contribution to make mountains a little bit safer for everybody and supporting skiers, snowboarders, the alpine rescue service and really everybody who is out there in winterly mountains.

Bluebird Mountain's mission statement: "Find and Rescue!" instead of "Search and Rescue(?)".