Survey 2017

Help us to develop our new avalanche rescue drone PowderBuddy according to your needs and wishes. It will take only five minutes of your precious time to fill in our survey and help us a great deal. If you are interested to be a beta tester during the upcoming ski season leave us your contact details in the end of the survey. Feel free to share the survey with fellow skiers and snowboarders.

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Powderbuddy Keeps You Safe

Your Reliable Companion

Powderbuddy accompanies you on all adventures and travels every road with you. Or every slope. And you can rely on it in every possible scenario: 12 hours at -20° C and snowstorm? Powderbuddy is there to rescue you.

Logical Next Step

Powderbuddy extends your personal safety equipment to the next level. It uses common avalanche beacons to track you in case of emergency and starts when you decide to pull your avalanche airbag lever. You do not have to choose between different measures to keep you safe and have not to add any unnecessary equipment. Powderbuddy just extends your chances build on proven technology.

Time is Survival

Most avalanche victims suffocate within several minutes after burial. While avalanche beacons are a standard equipment for mountaineers they do not necessarily help to locate victims fast enough. This is where Powderbuddy chips in. Powderbuddy makes locating a buried person easier and faster than it ever was.

Powderbuddy in Action